J.E.W.C.W Championship Title Histories

World Title Lineage


***Japanese Extreme Warfare Championship Wrestling***

J.E.W.C.W. was a legendary promotion based out of Osaka Japan that presented high-caliber professional wrestling matches featuring hot talent from the orient as well as across the world. Its expansion to the U.S. in early 2000’s led to the birth of todays most popular E-Fed The AWX (American Wrestling Xtreme) and this is their title history.

This post will be updated frequently as titles change:

Inoki Harada JEWCW

Inoki Harada won a match over Mitsuhara Kawada to win the AJP (All Japan Pro) Heavyweight championship. The company is bought out by Harada and International Combat Sports and The company is re-branded Japanese Extreme Warfare Championship Wrestling with Harada as Head Booker and Champion. Dec. 27th 1992

Terry Colt JEWCW

Terry Colt defeats Inoki Harada in a weapons match via technical knock out when Inoki passes out from a barbwire spinning toe hold at the JEWCW 2nd Anniversary Show 1997 Osaka Japan All Sport Pavilion.

Rich Marteau JEWCW

Rich Manteau (Now Mantel) defeats Terry Colt via Submission with the Boston Crab at International Wrestlesport Expo Montreal Canada May 24th 1999

Terry Colt 2JEWCW

Terry Colt defeats Rich Marteau via pinfall with a piledriver at K-Sport Festival Tokyo Japan. May 30th 1999


Pegasus Zero defeats Terry Colt in a barbwire tables match when Pegasus put Colt through the table with a flying headbutt off the top rope to the outside. JEWCW TV Taping JEWCW TV Taping K-Sport Pavilion Tokyo Japan. Nov.19th 1999

Wild TigerJEWCW

Wild Tiger Defeats Pegasus Zero via pinfall when Tiger with a running Tiger Bomb at Japan X Cup Series in Hiroshima Japan at Samurai Hall. Feb 16th 2000


DragonsFyre Tenzahn defeats Wild Tiger via pinfall with the Fire Dragon Press at Honor Gate 2 at the Egg Dome. Dec. 23rd 2000.

King MutoJEWCW

King Muto defeats DragonsFyre Tenzahn via pinfall with the Moonsault at a JEWCW Television Taping K-Sport Pavilion Tokyo Japan Aug. 2nd 2001

Inoki Harada defeats King Muto via pinfall with a rolling royal octopus hold JEWCW 10th Anniversary show Osaka Japan All Sport Pavilion. Mar. 29th 2002

Super J Monster JEWCW

Super J Monster defeats Inoki Harada via pinfall in 2:34 via a Super Bomb. JEWCW TV Taping K-Sport Pavilion Tokyo Japan. J Monster severely injures Harada with a series of power bombs. June. 27th 2002

Super J Monster suspended Title held up following an assault on a TV Interviewer in Kuwait. . JEWCW TV Taping Combat Dojo Kyoto Japan June 26th 2002

Austin Williamson JEWCW

Austin Williamson wins Xtreme Warfare Rumble at Honor Gate 4 Dongguan China, World Celebration Square. JEWCWs first outdoor event featuring stars from all countries except the USA. Williams Eliminates Meng Lao in the match finals. July 19th 2002

Super J 2 JEWCW

Super J Monster defeats Austin Williamson Hall Of Legends Event: Inoki Harada’s Retirement Ceremony, Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan, June 6th 2004

Krull Valhalla JEWCW

Krull Valhalla defeats Super J Monster via V-Max (Vertical Cradle Brainbuster) through glass in a Barbwire Death Match Valkerie Das Sport arena Hamburg Germany Jan. 17th 2005


Crimson defeats Krull Valhalla(Nirvana Match) Crimson leaves the cage first to become champion. XWA Arena Chicago Illinois November 2005

AWX Period

JXW Rebirth:

JEWCW is Purchased by Canadian Television Mogul FYTE Channel and funded by former AWX Talent and Canadian Independant booker Jacques Raymond The company goes under the ownership of  is re-branded with the shorter company title Japanese Xtreme Warfare and becomes a separate entity legally separating from AWX officially in Oct 29. 2014. Shows are still based out of Japan but International travel is upped significantly with a wealth of new indy talent from all over the globe positioned in the new company. Several legends are brought back into the fold from the AWX to continue and redefine the companies title lineage.

Austin Williamsonjwchampion2

Austin Williamson defeats Super J Monster, King Muto, Bonesaw Jack and DragonsFyre Tenzahn in a JXW at International Incident PPV Nov. 2014 in the Target Center Minnesota USA

Austin Williamson relinquishes the JXW title following an injury sustained in a title defense against Ulysses Firestone Osaka Japan May 2015.


Ulysses Firestone defeats Chiro Harada by Choke Hold Submission in 15 seconds to win the championship June 3rd 2015


Sayabusa defeats Ulysess Firestone Barbwire Explosion when it is determined that Firestone cannot continue and Sayabusa is ruled the champion. XCW TV Taping, XCW Arena Philadelphia PA Feb. 18th 2016 Later in the card Firestone returns after seeking medical attention and defeats Sayabusa in a match taped for TV and defeats Sayabusa in 2:15 seconds via submission with a choke hold. Sayabusa’s win while on record is not considered canon with the company. Feb. 18th 2016


Kenny Orion defeats via outside interference by the Club.Ulysess Firestone is K.O.ed in 16 mins in Korakan Hall Japan on Dec 31st. 2016 at New Year Millennium Show



Christian Banner defeated Kenny Orion via submission with the Sasketchewan Stranglelock in a three way elmination match at  Honor Gate 5: Legends Way. Banner eliminated Ulyses Firestone via Knockout to earn passage into the main event match between Kenny Orion and Suskai Kintaro to make it a three way elimination match. K-Sport Pavilion Tokyo Japan, August 21st 2017.