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If you are a Pro Wrestling fan and have asked yourself the question “Who Booked This Crap” before then you are in the right place! Welcome to “Booking The Promotion” the first Wrestling News /Role-play/Wrestling Booking Blog on WordPress! We are two guys who love the business of Professional Wrestling and by god think we can simply book it “Better!” Both of us are long time wrestling fans and friends who both collaborated on an old Wrestling Role-play site called American Wrestling Xtreme where we take a cast of familiar wrestling personalities and put our booking spin on our”shows”. While we have not been role-playing in what seems like an eternity we felt the need to do a revival of sorts. This blog will feature new exclusive RP (Role-play)as well as anything else we want to talk about from the world of Pro Wrestling. While this is our own labor of love we sure hope that you folks out there will get as much enjoyment out of this blog as we will hosting it.

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Bill Sheppard (Aka Billy Shep) :