XWA Fever Episode 2 Seg. 3: “When Iron Eagle met Dorian / Power Surge” Backstage Segment.

*The show returns from commercial with a backstage camera shot. As the camera approaches a turn in the corridor arguing can be heard. The camera turns the corner to find Iron Eagle and “Bucksaw” Jim Dawson in a heated argument…*


“Bucksaw” Jim Dawson

All American “Tough Guy”

Is in the Backstage Area and Says: *I sit in a chair holding an ice pack on my shoulder, my 2×4 is leaning against the wall beside me. I angrily glare at Iron Eagle as chew him out for leaving me in the ring earlier with the Maximovs.* “What the hell was that out there tonight, Eagle? First you interfere in my match then you leave me to deal with the Maximovs on my own!” You’re supposed to be my tag partner! You’re suppose to have my back!”


Iron Eagle

Iron Eagle

Making America Great Again

Is in the Backstage Area and Says: *I rub my right eye then blinks trying to supposedly clear my vision.* “You won the match didn’t you? So what’s the problem?! Look those ruskies play dirty so I say we fight fire with fire! As to what happened earlier, cut me some slack Jim, I got hit in the eye out there, I couldn’t see a damn thing out there! What good would it have done for me to jump in there blind?! I knew you could take it, you are the “tough guy” after all! We need to put this behind us and get on the same page otherwise we wont stand a chance at “Dangerous Liaisons”! We need to be a cohesive unit, Jim! An unstoppable Cohe…” My attention gets drawn further down the corridor to man gazing at himself in a mirror on the wall…*


Dorian Apollo

“Darling” Dorian Apollo

The Darling of the Wrestling world

Is in the Backstage Area and Says: *I stare at my reflection in the mirror mesmerized by what I see.  I fluff my platinum blonde hair and check my makeup consisting of eye shadow around one eye, blush and ruby red lipstick. I’m wearing a pink flowery dress and numerous feather boas. I fix a large flower in my hair then satisfied with my appearance. I walk down the corridor towards Iron Eagle and Jim Dawson. Iron Eagle stares a hole through me as I walk towards them. I stop directly in front of Iron Eagle looking him up and down..* “Take a picture, honey, it’ll last longer.” *I smirk at Iron Eagle then continues on my way leaving Iron Eagle still glaring at me.*


*The camera continues to follow Dorian Apollo through the corridors of the backstage. A struggle can be heard as the camera nears the next corner. Apollo continues on straight while the camera turns the corner. On the right there is an open dressing room door. The camera peers into the dressing room on to a scene of The Bringers of Pain pummeling Daemon Anarchy.*



The Bringers of Pain

Wrath & Fury

Is in the Dressing Room and says: *Wrath stomps Anarchy senseless while I rain down punches on Anarchy’s head from my knees.  A table in the room has already been smashed. I get to my feet grabbing a piece of broke table. Wrath drags Anarchy to his feet  and I crumple Anarchy to the floor once more smashing the table remnant over Anarchy’s head. We drag Anarchy to his feet once more each grabbing Anarchy’s head and throws Anarchy face first into the wall. Anarchy hits with a sickening splat then crumples to the floor again.*



The Man Called


Is in the Backstage Area and Says: *Determined to talk to Daemon Anarchy and make him understand that I haven’t been attacking him, I approach Anarchy’s dressing room. I tentatively raise my fist to knock on the door. I hear the scuffle going on inside and bursts through the door to see The Bringers of Pain pummeling a lifeless Daemon Anarchy. I grab a folding chair just inside the door quickly folding it and chasing the Bringers out of the room through the opposite door on the other side of the room. Having chased off the Bringers of Pain, I turn my attention back to Anarchy crouching beside him chair still in hand and checks on Anarchy.*



Ronan Rage

You Won’t Like me When I’m Angry

Is in the Backstage Area and says: *I walk into Anarchy’s dressing room talking to Anarchy as I do completely unaware of what has happened. I stop abruptly as I see Surge crouching over a fallen Daemon Anarchy with a chair. Surge see me and quickly stands up dropping the chair trying to explain himself.* “I knew we couldn’t trust you, you son of..” *I charge at Surge in a blind rage driving him backwards through a faux wall with a hellacious spear sending clouds of drywall dust and debris in the air. I crawl out of the hole in the wall getting to my feet completely white with drywall dust. in the distance fans watching on the X-Tron in the arena can be heard booing me heinously. Officials and EMTs storm into the room. Some of the officials hold me back while the others check on both Surge and Anarchy’s condition.*


*The camera fades to a shot of Adam Mooney at the announce table. Neither Mooney, Patience or Gavin is aware that they are live on the air again and Patience tries to force a pair of Gavin Glitter Shades on Mooney’s face. All three talk amongst themselves completely out of character until the show finally goes to the scheduled commercial break.*


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