Wrestling Watchtower Newsletter 06/14/2017

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Pro-wrestling Watchtower Newsletter 06-14-2017 By: Dale Metzger

Vinne McMadden

**Channel 5 Announcer Vinnie McMadden to be replaced as lead announcer of AWX.**

News just breaking that long time AWX Channel 5 wrestling announcer Vinnie McMadden will be replaced as lead announcer on the AWX Flagship show. It is unknown at this time what his role will be with the company as his contact alledgedly has been extended for another 6 months. Word has it that his role will be that of an interview segment co-host. Vinnie will be taking on a new character during on his next role. McMadden was informed earlier today of his departure from the announce desk and stated that he is set to be on the next XWA themed Channel 5 Wrestling show but afterwards his role with the company is up in the air. McMadden spoke at length with AWX/XWA Officials today in an attempt to free himself from his contract obligations but his request was promptly shut down. McMaddens father Kennedy McMadden Sr. reportedly has begun legal proceedings to free his son from his binding contract.

AJ Prophetletter

**AJ Prophet will headline the first Xtreme Wrestling Alliances PPV :Dangerous Liasons**

Following the RD Bradley Memorial Tournament results AWX Superstar AJ Prophet will contractually headline the World Championship Match against the champion at time of the show. Prior to the transfer of ownership from Alexander Holdings Inc. to Xtreme Productions the match was legally signed and set for the Los Angeles Sports Pavilion . In late August. XWA Officials have campaigned to change the headline match however the terms of agreement of transfer previously booked arenas and verified advertised matches will remain unchanged. It is noted that the build towards this main event will begin on the first XWA Themed TV Taping.

no moves barred

*** Rock Remmington reportedly changing Personas upon return to the ring***

Rock Remmington has been off of televised events as of late due to his filming schedule of his third Hollywood theatrical release “No Moves Barred”. Rock maybe bringing his on screen persona Rip Remmington to Channel 5 rings soon. Remmington will resume his previous push however with a straight face role upon his return. Xtreme Productions have invested heavily in Rip related merchandise and have share holder projections to increase revenue by an astronomical 27%. Remmingtons opening weekend movie box office results did not go as expected by under performing and missing projections by $230,000 000 on a 15,000 gate. Officials are seemingly not concerned by the folly as the movie launches overseas on the 18th of this month as well as in the Wrassle Rock Event Opening at Twin Cinemas NL.


***Final AWX Banner House show results debuts over last weekend***

Winnipeg Civic Center 6/9/2017 Attendance 3,503.

Matt Classic def. Overwatch via submission with the Classic Crab. Classic in his Hometown was surrounded by the Macray Family after his victory, the Network made the save leading to a impromptu Tag Team match of “The Network” Franklin Street,  Agent Dow and Matt Classic defeated The Macray Family when Classic pinned Rowan Erikson with a Classic-sault.

Bucksaw Jim Dawson def. Kintu by DQ when Kintu’s Handler Chee Chi interfered.

NTI Newcomer Frost Ninja teased a debut on the AWX Video Wall.

Dane Masters def.Detox with a roll up after interference from Paul Hammond.

Reign def. Mike Hawk with a rolling spin wheel kick. Reign debuted a new gimmick of a street gang leader. Mike Hawk was subsequently attacked after the match by War Machine and Nemesis. Reign came to the rescue and Reign and Hawk left together after the save.

Owen Blazer /Pure Dynamite Teddy Wellington def. Rogue Warrior BEAST and Wasteland. Blazer pins Beast following a missle dropkick after Wastleland turned on Beast attacking him with the pump handle slam.

Rock Remmington came out to advertise his new movie “No Moves Barred” was interrupted by Jaxxus who called out “Rip” to face him on the next PPV. Remmington was then attacked by Gangland and squashed with a Gangland Splash. *This was a Capital Video Exclusive*

Main Event:

“The Strangler” Christian Banner upset Jon Hardcastle Jr. to seemingly win the XWA World title when Barry Widowmaker interfered on behalf of the “Horses OF Valhalla” only to have the decision overturned moments later and Hardcastle was awarded the win by DQ to retain the title. *Capital Video Exclusive*




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