AWX Title Tourney Pt. 9 Backstage Chaos

wp-1488758408200.jpg                                                              Anthony Shiffone

AWX Backstage Interviewer
Is in the parking garage and says: “We are in the parking garage and only a few feet around here medical attendees tending to Mr. Will MicMan and several others who as I have been told, survived this shocking explosion but is said to be in need of immediate medical attention. We have not gotten word the severity of the injuries to Mr. MicMan and his companions. Fans I have no answers at this point as to why this happened but I will say this could have great impact on who will be in charge of this company..If Will MicMan is not in play to take control as he has said in not so many words where does this take us on this night? This story continues to unfold and we will be back la..*Turns towards the camera striking something off camera right as the camera man pans right to reveal Carnage The White Devil! *
The White Devil
Is in the parking garage and says: *Glaring at the fiery wreck in the parking lot as the flames reflect in my sunglasses as my demeanor remains silent as Anthony attempts to get a word from me but before he can speak I place my white gloves hand over his mouth silencing him immediately. As he relents I lean into the mic turning now towards the camera tipping my glasses forward peeking over the top revealing clear white eyes…* “ Anthony…let it be known to those who.perpetuate senseless acts that the White Devil will take every ounce of vengeance out of their asses inside that ring. One thing will be certain..When its all said and done..No matter who ends up with the Owners chair..Carnage The White Devil comes out with everything coming up Aces….and to those who choose not to walk on the White side…its your worst NIGHTMARE…That belt comes home to HELL tonight! *Chuckles as I shove the mic back into Anthony’s chest grabbing his head gripping his head like a basketball I lick his face sickeningly .. I shove him away as I walk off camera view.*
Anthony Shiffone
AWX Backstage Interviewer
Is in the parking garage and says: *Wipes my face with pure disgust* “You know what..I don’t get paid enough for this crap…Je*** ****St!! “ Rolls up my mic cord viciously as I storm off set…still wiping my face in disgust..*
Eric Richmondawx
Erik Richmond
***FORMER AWX Creative Team Member***
Is in the parking garage and says : *As the camera follows Shiffone it suddenly meets me as the live crowd react booing loudly as I grin smugly. I look at Shiffone as he stammers off shaking my head* “Bro..Weah ya goin? Tony…Tony…come.heeah..!! *Grins shaking my head at the camera* “You know bro…summa Deez guys just don’t get Train wreck TV…if “Shiphony” don’t get this stuff….hes gonna HATE what’s coming!! Stay tuned bro…this AWX stuffs about ya get good!!” * Walks off camera towing my suitcase and entering the arena as the back stage officials look shocked at my surprising appearance at the arena. People backstage buzz as I walk through the back not greeting anyone as I walk right up to the Owners door…knocking three times and yelling “Its Rich…I am heeeah” *The door opens and I discretely enter as the video quickly moves to a promo video*
New Talent Initiative
Promotional Video Segment
Is On The Video Wall and says: *A deeply passionate deep voiced narrator speaks over top a video showing great pieces of Americana, including The Statue Of Liberty, The U.S. Military, A Child saluting the U.S. Flag, and the President of The United States himself*A once proud nation..Founded on virtue and a promise of the American Dream where hard work pays off. A Nation on the verge of collapse and despair needed a President to Make America great again! He could not do it alone…he needed a soldier willing to stand up proud for his country…a man of undeniable integrity and values. A man of justice and with a sense of Americana. The New Talent Initiative is proud to introduce to our rings, an American like no other, a hero that even the most war scarred veteran would stand and salute. He is the Hero you didn’t know you wanted and didn’t realize he is the hero you NEED! “
Iron Eagle Base
“He is the defender of Old Glory…..Iron Eagle….Coming Soon.. *Brief image flashes of a man back on to the camera holding an American Eagle wrestling mask..As the figure begins to talk *”American Wrestling Xtreme…get ready to proudly wave the flag of America once again…YOUR hero is coming…and to the AWX locker room remember the old saying “America…Love it…Or The Iron Eagle will help you LEAVE IT!! God Bless America!”  
*Fade to Black*

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